Alberta adds 406 seats to train students in face of projected tech worker shortage

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Hundreds more Alberta students will be able to study in tech-related fields this year, after the province announced it was adding 406 additional seats at post-secondary schools. “We all know that Albertans need access to high-quality opportunities to succeed in the tech sector,” said Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt. “Because of our efforts, 406 more… Read more »

The blockchain bonanza is over for graphics card makers

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The image above is of a cryptomining rig For almost a year, cryptocurrency miners have snapped up all the graphics cards they could get their hands on. That was a financial windfall for Nvidia and AMD, the leading makers of consumer graphics cards. Both reported soaring profits their last two quarters. But on Thursday, Nvidia reported its financial… Read more »

Is AI more than just a buzzword?

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Artificial Intelligence – a rapidly advancing technology promising to transform whole industries in the next five years with profound implications for how we live and work. Or, as we hear on this week’s Tech Tent, a massively overhyped buzzword for quite a mundane field of computer science which has not made any great leap forward… Read more »

The extinct tech you forgot existed

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A recent study has revealed which kinds of tech have stood the test of time – in terms of recognition, if not use. Source: BBC Future Date: August 20th, 2018 Link (to a gallery of 10 items): Discussion 1) “More than five billion floppy disks were sold per year worldwide at their peak in the mid-1990s” –… Read more »

Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready?

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Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been moving recently to deal with the threats posed by misinformation and meddling that they didn’t see coming, but now they face an emerging form of disinformation they know is on the horizon: Deepfakes — doctored videos that will eventually fool even the sharpest eyes. As the technology to create… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Hiring, and It Might Not Be That Bad

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Artificial intelligence promises to make hiring an unbiased utopia. There’s certainly plenty of room for improvement. Employee referrals, a process that tends to leave underrepresented groups out, still make up a bulk of companies’ hires. Recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases to the process, studies have found, often choosing people with the “right-sounding” names and educational background. Source: Bloomberg… Read more »