Esports program launches at Montreal high school for aspiring pro-gamers

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Phoenix Bruneau began playing video games when he was five. “I really like video games and it’s been a big part of my life,” he says. Now 14, he plays video games, such as League of Legends, about 20 hours a week. In the summertime, when school’s out, he’ll sometimes practise 35 hours a week. Source: CBC News Date: February 1st,… Read more »

A B.C. solution to taking the sting out of honey fraud

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A B.C. honey producer may hold the key to helping Canada fight back against honey fraud. In the last fiscal year, more than 23 per cent of imported honey products tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency contained additives, despite being labelled pure. The agency found the honey had been diluted with rice and corn syrups…. Read more »

Canada’s Telus says partner Huawei is “reliable”

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The US-China tension over Huawei is leaving telecommunications companies around the world at a crossroad, but one spoke out last week. Telus, one of Canada’s largest phone companies showed support for its Chinese partner despite a global backlash against Huawei over cybersecurity threats. Source: Tech Crunch Date: January 24th, 2019 Link: Discussion 1) Do you know what… Read more »

Amazon Scout robots take to pavements in Washington State

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Amazon is experimenting with delivery robots, starting with a little truck called Scout which is taking to the pavements in Washington State. Six of the autonomous electric trucks will deliver parcels “at walking pace” round Snohomish County. The robots will only operate during the day and will be accompanied by an Amazon employee initially. It… Read more »

Talkative homebuyers beware, the seller might be listening

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Real estate agent says clients used audio, video surveillance to eavesdrop on potential buyers. Homebuyers should watch what they say during home viewings, according to an Ontario real estate agent who says two of her clients recently used cameras and microphones to eavesdrop on potential buyers. Juliana Webster says the rules should be changed to force… Read more »

The gadgets of the future know everything wrong with you right now

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After three hours wandering through endless aisles of gadgets at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology conference, the products start to blend together. Was this automated cat litter cleaner the same one we saw 20 minutes ago? How many internet-connected locks can the world possibly need? But somewhere between hour four and five, something strange happens…. Read more »