The Slack origin story How a whimsical online game became an enterprise software giant

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  Let’s rewind a decade. It’s 2009. Vancouver, Canada. Stewart Butterfield,  known already for his part in building Flickr,  a photo-sharing service acquired by Yahoo in 2005, decided to try his hand — again — at building a game. Flickr had been a failed attempt at a game called Game Neverending followed by a big pivot. This time, Butterfield would make… Read more »

Big Four Firm KPMG Identifies Top Four Skills Required for Blockchain Career

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Big Four auditing firm KPMG has identified the top four skills needed for a blockchain-related career, in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 16. KPMG suggests that an increasing number of companies will investigate blockchain technology this year. “Blockchain projects will not succeed or scale without a multifaceted team that goes beyond technologists,” the firm states,… Read more »

Robots on the road – how close is our driverless future?

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It was on the motorway near Phoenix, Arizona, that I realised fully driverless cars might be quite a distant dream. And that was because our Google Waymo robo-taxi seemed incapable of leaving that motorway. We were in Arizona to record a radio documentary for the BBC World Serviceabout the progress towards creating autonomous vehicles that would… Read more »

SpaceX will launch its first 60 satellites to deliver internet from space

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SpaceX wants to beam cheap broadband internet all over the planet. It’s gearing up for the first crucial step toward making that a reality.Elon Musk’s rocket company will try to deliver a batch of 60 satellites into low-Earth orbit, the first for a megaconstellation of satellites that SpaceX is calling Starlink. The launch could happen sometime next week.It was scheduled to take… Read more »

The House the Robots Built

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Why are walls always straight? Why does it cost so much to build them? And why do big construction projects so often run late? Construction has always been a conservative industry, used to doing things how they have always been done. But a new wave of innovation is coming, which will change what buildings look… Read more »

Behind the ‘business’ of hacking

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Real life is rarely as exciting or fraught with complications as the movies, except when it comes to businesses under attack. Cybercriminals around the world take hacking to the next level — stealing passwords, scraping credit card numbers and attacking the Internet of Things. That’s where “ethical hackers” like Sherri Davidoff come in, finding weaknesses and helping… Read more »

Freedom Mobile server leak exposed customer data

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A security lapse at Canada’s fourth largest cell network, Freedom Mobile, exposed customer data. Security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar found an Elasticsearch server leaking five million logs containing customer data. The server wasn’t protected with a password, allowing anyone to access the data. Source: Tech Crunch Date: May 11th, 2019 Link: Discussion What sorts of… Read more »

Why investors can’t wait to buy into Uber, a company that’s never made money — and maybe never will

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It’s one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Customers took more than five billion rides on the service last year, spending almost $50 billion US in the process. And each and every time someone ordered up one of the company’s services — the company lost about 58 cents. Source: CBC News Date: May 11th, 2019 Link: Discussion… Read more »