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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Meets With Members Of Congress On Capitol Hill

The latest damning assessment of Facebook’s trampling of user privacy comes from the Canada and British Columbia privacy commissioners — which have just published the results of an investigation kicked off in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal last year.

They found the social network company committed serious contraventions of local laws and failed generally to take responsibility for protecting the personal information of Canadians.

Facebook  has disputed the findings and refused to implement the watchdogs’ recommendations — including refusing to voluntarily submit to audits of its privacy policies and practices over the next five years.

Source: Tech Crunch

Date: April 26th, 2019



  1. “Facebook’s refusal to act responsibly is deeply troubling given the vast amount of sensitive personal information users have entrusted to this company.”  And yet people will continue to use Facebook.  Why is it that most users don’t care about their own privacy?
  2. What could you do to impact how people view their own privacy online?

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